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Navillume represents only top-knotch Manufacturers of both specialty and universal LED Lighting products. Introduce LED lighting retrofit options to your integration projects, large or small and introduce long-lasting money-saving satisfaction for your clients.

LED Tennis Club Lighting

Sport lighting solutions. Comparison of traditional 1000 Watt metal halide lighting to Global Tech LED sports lighting fixtures. Notice even light saturation with a max/min ratio average of 2:1. See the dramatic difference! Watch »

What Makes Global Tech LED Lights Universal to any Application

Global Tech LED Retrofit for many industrial applications. Global Tech LED focussed on universal products that fit niche markets that many other LED product lines simply can dot support. Let’s do it! Watch »

Global Tech LED Gen 2

Global Tech LED's Gen 2 products provide incredible quality, longevity, and control capabilities that are unmatched by competing lighting solutions. Watch »